Ecommerce Toolkit

In this article , we will review a stack of integrations an ecommerce company would choose through Segment. 


Adroll & Perfect Audience are well known for re-targeting. Also to make conversion tracking simple for any consumer company,  Facebook AdsTwitters Ads, and Adwords is used by a lot of people.


Google Analyticsis still probably strongest for seeing your product/transaction data and tracing it back to the traffic source.It gives you a more aggregated view of your consumer data. But for looking at your funnel Mixpanel is preferred, which is more event specific. However Kissmetrics is more people focused and to read more about advanced analytics , check out our blog here


Attribution tools let you analyze total spend, conversion rates, cost of customer acquisition and other key metrics across all campaigns in one place.

Mobile App Tracking and Tapstream are focused on mobile ad attribution.

Convertro and Attribution are focused on web browser ad attribution.

Improvely is similar to Convertro and Attribution, but they specialize in click fraud monitoring.


Once there is enough traffic for A/B testing, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer are really useful not only to optimize your site, but if you want to try out quick design changes without a developer resource :)

We also pass conversion events through Segment when you tag visitors in tools like Mixpanel with the A/B version they saw when they visited a testing page.

Another cool little optimization widget is Spinnakr. It alerts you of traffic spikes from certain sites, tweets, or locations so you can react in real time to add a site banner or coupon code for that wave of visitors.


To see what visitors actually do on your site, or where they are getting caught up a heatmap and/or session recording tool like Inspectlet, Mouseflow, or Navilytics can be used. Also Qualaroo is an awesome tool for collecting survey responses from visitors.


Last but not least, is communicating with visitors and customers. Our most popular email tools are Customer.io, Vero and Klaviyo. Outbound and Drip are also really useful and VERY easy to get setup with if you're looking for a quicker setup process.

Live Chat

Olark is great to chat with customers in real time as they browse your store. LiveChat and SnapEngage  do exactly the same thing. They provide a chat window embedded in your website so that support teams can help customers.

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