Google Optimize and Subdomains

Will Google optimize installations as described here: https://segment.com/docs/destinations/google-analytics/#optimize work with subdomains? Per Google, believe we need separate containers for every subdomain.



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  • Thanks for posting, bryce! Happy to help.


    To the best of my knowledge - this should work without issue. In fact, while I am not sure where your info came from with regards to Google requiring the use of separate containers for every subdomain, I've come across this Google Support article stating:

    Experiments can be run and measured across subdomains, as long as all subdomains are tracked in the same Analytics property. You should implement the same container on all subdomains.

    I should also clarify that Segment plays a fairly minor role in enabling Optimize. Once you configure it in the GA settings of your Segment UI, all the work under the hood is done by the Google Analytics SDK. Perhaps the source code will help shed some light on what will and will not work.

    I'd encourage you to try and experiment, and hope this has been helpful!
    Let us know if you have any other questions!

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  • Using many subdomains shouldn`t trouble you anyhow. A website's speed is usually depend on client's brandwidth and website's server's brandwidth and respond time. But if you are use CDN, or other technology. maybe anther condition should consider in. And that`s it. I use Zomro.net hosting 5 subdomains and don`t have any problems with Google

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  • No amount of subdomains affects the operation of your site or its indexing from Google. This is a very strange assumption. Most of the work will depend on your hosting provider and the parameters of its equipment. But this is a question that you should ask the support service of your hosting.

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