One Segment identify call wasn't shown up in the debugger

Hi there,

I'm debugging correctness of Segment setup in our app and noticed that one Segment identify call wasn't shown up in the debugger. Meanwhile, group request and all subsequent identifies were displayed in the debugger. So the question is it possible that some requests could be missing in the console for some reasons? Since I'm pretty sure that that call was made in our app. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi Pavel Andrianov - thanks for reaching out! Happy to look into this behavior for you; however some clarification is required first as the answer may vary based on factors such as the source/library being used, the initial 'identify' call details, etc. In this case I'd recommend opening a support ticket with us directly via our contact form here so that we can focus in on your specific implementation.

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  • Thanks, James 👍

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