Help Tracking User Workflows with Segment


We recently deployed Segment with our application, and are successfully receiving click data for events in our Snowflake data warehouse.

I'd like to be able to analyze workflows of users, but am not sure how to do that with our current architecture with Segment. We currently have separate tables for each action, so we are tracking about 20 actions and therefore have 1 table for each of these. You can see a snippet of what I mean in the screenshot I linked.

I want to be able to see the workflows of our users, say someone logs in and performs certain actions - which workflows are the most common? Which are the least? What pages do users navigate to after logging in?

How can I accomplish this with Segment? Is our data architecture incorrect?


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  • Hi Kevin,

    Great question! Now that you have all your Segment events in your warehouse, you can build out your SQL reports to analyze your user workflows. This part is defined outside of Segment, you will need to query data from across your various tables. Here is an example of you how you can do this to measure ROI for your marketing campaigns. Alternatively, Segment also has a product (Personas) that you can use to understand your customer journey that doesn't require any knowledge of SQL.



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  • Awesome! This example helps a lot. Thank you very much.

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  • Glad to help!

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