Integration w/ Mixpanel

I'm trying to track custom events in Mixpanel through Segment, loaded w/ Google Tag Manager.

Scripts are loaded properly, page and identity are tracked, but not the custom event `Experiment: Viewd` with some custom  properties. The event shows up in Segment Debugger but not anywhere in Mixpanel but when I try to send it manually through your `Event Tester`, then I can see it in my integration dashboard.

I'm wondering if it's a configuration issue. Here's my Mixpanel destination config:

  • Track All Pages to Mixpanel with a Consolidated Event Name: On
  • Cross Subdomain Cookie: On
  • Events to increment in People: 0
  • Traits to set as People Properties: 0
  • Persistence Type: cookie
  • Properties to increment in People: 0
  • Secure Cookie: Off
  • Automatically set all Traits as Super Properties and People Properties: On
  • Source Name: Empty
  • Properties to send as Super Properties: 0
  • Track All Pages to Mixpanel: On
  • Track Categorized Pages to Mixpanel: Off
  • Track Named Pages to Mixpanel: Off

Hope you can help me on this.
Best regards

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  • Hi Federico,


    Thanks for getting in touch! I took a look at your workspace and was able to find the source where that event would come through. You don't have any errors in your Event Delivery to Mixpanel so it appears that everything should work as expected. As that is not the case, it would be great if you could create a ticket to work with our Success Engineering team directly. You'll just need to fill out this form and we can get started helping you sort this issue out.


    Here are a couple of things it would be great to see when you're describing your issue in that form to expedite the debugging process:


    1. Can you share the JSON payload from your Segment debugger for one of these `Experiment: Viewed` events?


    2. Could you also provide an example of a similar JSON payload which does go to Mixpanel successfully without the Event Tester?


    Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.


    Success Engineer | Segment

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