Google enhanced ecommerce for mobile apps (iOS and Android)

Hi Segment community,

I have a problem with ecommerce events in google analytics. 

I have configured all events as it says here - https://segment.com/docs/spec/ecommerce/ . Turned on enhanced ecommerce in GA and Segment GA integration settings. And after events have sent I see some products and products revenue ( http://prntscr.com/bgngus ), but I have not see any transactions revenue ( http://prntscr.com/bgnhrh ).

What is may be wrong?

And a second question: If it problem is impossible to solve, Can the enhanced ecommerce transactions from GA SDK be connected to sessions that starts via the segment events?

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  • Hey Alex, and thanks for writing in. If you don't pass a `total` or `revenue` into your track events, the transaction revenue (rather than the product revenue) will default to zero, as seen here in our integration code. Your track call should look something like this: 

    analytics.track('Completed Order', {
      orderId: '50314b8e9bcf000000000000',
      total: 30,
      currency: 'USD',
      products: [
          id: '505bd76785ebb509fc183733',
          sku: '46493-32',
          name: 'Uno Card Game',
          price: 3,
          quantity: 2,
          category: 'Games'

    Hope this helps!

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