trackForm attached through console but debugger does not show event on submission

I've been trying to get trackForm to work but even after I attach it manually, 

analytics.trackForm($('apply-form'),'Form Submitted');

I don't seem to be able to get it to trigger after clicking the submit button

Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • Hi Tanner Chung - thanks for reaching out! For our trackForm method, the form needs to be either an element or array. Here's an example that should work:

    var form = document.getElementById('apply-form');
    analytics.trackForm(form, 'Form Submitted');

    Hope this info helps!

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  • Hey James I actually tried doing that as well and had no luck. 

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  • Hey Tanner, thanks for the quick feedback. In that case it'll be necessary to dig into your implementation specifics for a more definitive diagnosis; I would recommend that you open a tech support ticket via our contact form here: https://segment.com/contact

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