Any way to send Unbounce form fill to Segment?

I can't find any recent pointers on this topic.

We currently create leadgen offer forms using Unbounce, and send form fill events and attributes directly into Intercom using a Zapier webhook integration.

If possible, I'd prefer to send the same form-fill event and field inputs to Segment, so that multiple  tools in our marketing stack receive the same data at the same time.

Our hand-coded website forms do this today using Segment API calls.

Any pointers on how I might accomplish this?

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  • Hey Lyndon - good question! Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the inner workings of Unbounce, but if you're able to include custom Javascript on your Unbounce pages (as you can with Instapage, for example), you should be able to include Segment's Analytics.js library and send `track` events to your Segment source on form submission.

    It also sounds as if Zapier integrates with Unbounce. In this case, you could also sends zaps to Segment using our HTTP API, the caveat here being that you'll have to take care of formatting each event to conform to our common spec, outlined here.

    At the end of the day, I'd recommend using our Analytics.js library if at all possible because of its versatility and out-of-the-box functionality. Hope this helps!

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  • Brennan thanks for the quick response. I'll check out your tips, and report back if I need more clarification. Happy holidays!

  • Thanks, Lyndon - you too! :)

  • epilogue: thanks Brennan , I got this working and deployed. 

    For others who may follow, I decided against using the Analytics.js client-side library after reviewing concerns raised in a blog post by Rob Sobers about the nuances of tracking form submits. I instead opted to use Zapier to send webhooks with Segment Identify and Segment Track api calls whenever someone submits an Unbounce form. Using this same approach, I now also send GoToWebinar registrations to Segment.

    As a result, our Mixpanel instance now shows a consolidated lead/customer journey across hand-coded website forms, 3rd party forms and webapp signups/logins.

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  • Hi Lyndon, 

    This could have done with few clicks using this tool "Action Recorder". This handles those thank you pages, form submits and triggers events automatically to Segment.io .

    Check out the video.