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Are you a web based company trying to answer questions such as "What data should I look at first?" , "which traffic sources send me the most valuable customers?" or "Where am I spending money?"

This article will give you some delightful starting points that will be valuable to fill gaps in your online marketing efforts, improve conversion and form a customer-centric strategy!

Check out a few tools in each category below to get a head start on building your perfect stack:

  • Advertising - If you have more cash than time, advertising is a good approach to boost visitors to your product/website/blog through Facebook, Twitter and Google search.
  • Analytics - While you’re focused on customer acquisition your analytics tools should be easy to use and focused around traffic sources.
  • Attribution - as you grow and have more marketing campaigns, it becomes difficult to track what's going on, which campaigns are ROI-positive, etc. Attribution tools let you analyze conversion rates across all campaigns in one place.
  • Optimization- you can improve conversion by running variant experiments on your product and too see which one resonates better with your customers.
  • Surveys - gain a better understanding of how new visitors interact with your site and feedback through survey tools to fix pain points that might be prevent them from churning.
  • Live Chat - answer visitor questions in real time and gain customer feedback.
  • Email - staying in touch with your new prospects and customers is key to a fruitful relationship, and email is a great way to make it happen!
  • User Recording -gain a better understanding of how new visitors interact with your site and what might be helping, or hindering, them from converting.


Check out our article on Advertising tools to learn more about the different integrations!

Analytics and Attribution

Check out our guide on Web analytics tools for acquisition and attribution for recommendations!


If there is enough traffic for A/B testing, Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer are really useful not only to optimize your site, but if you want to try out quick design changes without a developer resource :) 

Another cool little optimization widget is Spinnakr. It alerts you of traffic spikes from certain sites, tweets, or locations so you can react in real time to add a site banner or coupon code for that wave of visitors.

Segment passes all your events into these tools as custom conversion events and we also send your experiment and variation data back through Segment to all your other tools, like [MixpanelKissmetricsAmplitude, etc.] for analytics, email, etc. so you can use experiment data across all your tools.


Want to get open-ended answers that give you insight into the minds of your prospects. Qualaroo is an awesome in- app tool for collecting survey responses from visitors. However, if your'e looking for NPS scores, Satismeter and Wootric help gather customer feedback and fix issues before they churn. Also gain incredible valuable feedback on their problems and motivations for signing up.

Live Chat 

Olark, LiveChat, and SnapEngage are great tools for chatting with site visitors in real time as they browse your site. These tools provide a chat window embedded in your website so that support teams can help customers. 

Email   πŸ“¨

Collecting an email address from new visitors is a great way to move them through your acquisition funnel. Check out the article below to read few types of email tools you might want to try out as part of your acquisition strategy.

Email tools for user acquisition 

User Recording 

Curious about what your customers are doing? Fullstory, InspectletMouseStatsNavilyticsMouseflow are good user recording tools that let you record a few of your visitor's browsing sessions so you can understand how they move around your site and fix where they are getting caught up!

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