Does anyone have any guidance on whether to call identify() on non-authenticated lead forms?

We are trying to figure out if we call identify() for basic, non-authenticated lead forms on a marketing website. Is it best to only call identify() when the user is authenticated?


Does anyone have any thoughts here?

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  • hi  Christian, thanks for posting!

    Indeed, we usually recommend calling identify only on authenticated users, in other words - users that have a userId (preferably one created by your database, and not just a non-unique identifier such as an e-mail address).

    We talk about this in our .identify() docs here

    Depending on your desired destination - you may even be able to tie in anonymous users' behaviors to identified users' behaviors with our .alias() method. I would highly recommend going over our best practices guide for .identify() so you feel a bit more confident about what's going on and how to best implement.

    Hope this helps! Happy tracking!

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