iPhone9 and iPhone11 in device.model?

Hi there,

How can I translate the iPhone9 and iPhone11 strings we see in the device.model to an actual iPhone device? Is one of those the iPhone XS or XR?

If you have this mapping somewhere, please feel free to point me there. I've checked the documentation (https://segment.com/docs/spec/common/) but all it says is "device - Object - Dictionary of information about the device, containing id, manufacturer, model, name, type and version".

Thank you very much in advance!



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  • Hey Leonardo!

    That's a fantastic question. The context object is made up of information we collect automatically from the user when you send an event to us; the device model information is included in the context object for mobile devices. You can find the exact functionality of how this happens on our Github repo. However, some fields in the context object can be overwritten, including the device model. To do so, you have to include it as part of the options object in your event. This is the structure of an identify event for example:

    analytics.identify([userId], [traits], [options], [callback]);

    Let me know if this helps! Thanks for writing in!

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  • Katie Noonan Thank you so much for the pointer! After digging a bit around the code and searching the web, I landed on this page here (https://www.theiphonewiki.com/wiki/Models) which seems to have the mappings I was looking for between those device model strings and the actual physical device/model.

    Again, thank you very much! 😊

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