What's the difference between Signed Up, Account Added User, and Invite Sent?

For the B2B SaaS events, I'm clear on how Signed Up and Invite Sent are differentiated, but I'm fuzzy on when Accounted Added User should be called. It seems to overlap either with Signed Up or Invite Sent. 

The only use case that would make sense for this is if you can have an existing free floating user not associated with an account that can later be added to an account. 

If our platform only allows new users by existing accounts inviting users (or having an initial user on a new account), is there any reason for us to make the Account Added User call?

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  • Hi Marc,

    If you are using groups then this event should be sent when a user is added to a group. Depending on your needs there may not be a reason to use every event in the B2B SaaS documentation. If you don't have any use for 'Account Added User' that is fine. 

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