Stripe integration balance history

Currently the Stripe integration is missing one piece of information we need to link charges with payouts (that is, link the charge with the actual payout where Stripe transferred the money to our bank account).

This can be done using the balance history API: https://stripe.com/docs/api/balance/balance_history

Each entry there has a payout id if the payout has taken place.

I would expect this to show up in the stripe.balance_transactions table that Segment creates in my data warehouse.  For example, each row in that table should have a payout column, which would match up with the id in stripe.transfers

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  • Hi Idris,


    Grazi here, I hope you're well and thanks for reaching out.

    Would you please be able to submit a ticket here? We will then be able to look into your request in more detail and see if any action is required.




    Grazi Lenehan | Success Engineer @ Segment

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