How to set Secure flag for analytics.js cookies?

During penetration testing of our web application, some of our cookies were identified as not being set with the Secure flag which would allow an attacker to steal sensitive information that might be in this cookie.  These cookies originate from the segmentio Analytics.js module being used to track user activity:


Is there a way we can ensure that the Secure flag is set on these cookies?

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  • Thanks for reaching out, Roger. Our team will reach out to you directly to address this. Thanks! 

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  • I have the same question. Is there a way to set the secure flag for the three analytics.js cookies: ajs_group_id, ajs_user_id and ajs_anonymous_id?

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  • Hi Anthony,

    Currently, we don't have a way set that flag. We are exploring the possibility of adding it in the future.



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  • I swear I replied to this issue earlier, since my account is new are my posts being regulated?

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  • Hi, 

    We're facing the same issue as we need to follow GDPR compliance. Any update on this?

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  • Hello,

    As  Tao said, this issue is very important for our GDPR Compliance. Did you find a way to set the secure flag on these cookies? 

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  • Hi ,

    We are also facing this issue. Has a way been found to set the secure flag on the ajs_group_id, ajs_user_id and ajs_anonymous_id cookies?

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  • Hi 

    We are able to set ajs_user_id to %22 url encoded value. Now, we want to make these anonymity cookies as secure. Could you please help us a way to set secure flag on the above cookies.

    Thanks in advance.

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