Unable to pass context to amplitude

I am on an ionic app and I have integrated Amplitude with Segment.
I am passing my device info in the context and can see the same being passed in the network call.
(PFA the network call screenshots for Amplitude and Segment for the same event)
But I don't see my device info in Amplitude. What am I doing wrong?

analytics.track('my event', eventProperties, {
  context: {
    device: {/* My Device Info */}
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  • Hi Ritesh 👋

    Thanks for writing in!

    At first glance of your network tab screenshot, it looks like the context information is being sent to Amplitude correctly in your events -- To confirm, are you running this scenario with page or track calls? I'm asking because it looks like the event in your screenshots is a page call while the snippet included at the bottom is a track call.

    Since the request looks good, but the data does not show up as expected in Amplitude's UI you might want to consider reaching out to their support team directly. Of course, we'd be more than happy to continue debugging from a Segment perspective as well! For that though we would need to be able to reproduce the issue, so I'd suggest reaching out to us via our support contact form and we'll take a look at your particular implementation :) 

    Hope this helps! 


    Laura Muñoz

    Success Engineer | Segment

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