Google Analytics Missing eCommerce Data

Hi there,

I can see from my debugger view that my site is reporting the required semantic eCommerce events (viewed category, viewed product, added product, completed order).

Yet, I get this warning when viewing my Google Analytics home page:

Missing E-commerce Data

View All Web Site Data is configured for e-commerce, but no data is flowing.

What am I missing?

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  • Hey Shawn, and thanks for writing in. Your website didn't seem to load when I checked - but it sounds as if you may be relying on Google's Enhanced Ecommerce. If so, be sure to check that option in your Segment Source's Google Analytics tab, as seen here.

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  • Thanks Brennan I've checked that on now, and will monitor and see how if that removes the warning in my Analytics dashboard.

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  • Hi Brennan.

    Thanks for your help.  That warning is gone now!



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