How can I track data from my checkout form in Squarespace using Segment?

I cannot find the way to add the Track and Identify methods from segment into my website in Squarespace.

I have already 'code injected' the snippet into the site, but I am stuck from this point.

Any ideas?

Site: www.shootmytravel.com



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  • hello  Alejandro, thanks for your post!

    While I'm not a Squarespace expert - I know that our customers have used their "code injection" to insert analytics.js into their pages for basic tracking. (For example, just having this will allow Google Analytics to track pageviews, potentially exit pages and bounce rates automatically).

    However, what you are trying to do requires custom events to be fired in code, with click handlers attached to specific buttons on your page. I think this question (whether it's possible to execute custom JavaScript code based on click events on your page) may be better suited to Squarespace. I'm not entirely sure they support this.


    Thanks again for posting! Let us know what you discover.

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  • hi Illya Yanchuk , thank you for your reply. 

    I did a double check to the website, and I noticed that all my integrations (Segment and GTM) were disabled  on that Checkout Page, because the checkout page does not have either a Header or a Footer in it. 

    Is there another way I could inject my snippets? 

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  • hey again  Alejandro. Anytime!


    I think this is a better question for Squarespace, as they are the ones controlling how your checkout page is built under the hood and I don't really have visibility (or authority nor expertise) to tell you what to do there.

    Slight tangent but may be helpful: I've just discovered they support inserting "Code Blocks". Maybe this will help you? https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543167-Using-Code-Blocks (Looks like inserting JavaScript might be a premium feature, though...)


    Additionally - I'm not sure if this is possible on checkout pages, but I would imagine it is.

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