historical import and associated costs

Hello, I am planning to add Mixpanel as a destination in my team plan account, but I need to replay the historical data I have collected about my users which I have stored in s3 logs. I have created a Python source called "replay" in my workspace and written a script using the analytics-python library to send my entire s3 history to the "replay" source.

My questions are: 

- If I run this script, how will it impact my Monthly Tracked Users (MTU) of my workspace?

- Does it matter that I have already tracked these users before (in the same workspace) using different sources?

- Are there cost considerations outside of impact to MTU?

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  • Hi Robert,

    Running a script like the one you shared could have an impact on your bill if you are tracking users that other way wouldn't be considered in your MTU bill. For example, say you have a user that didn't interact with your app during a given month, if we see that user coming through in a replay, we will still consider the events of this user and we'll count it as an extra MTU for that period. There's no limitation on how many events a user can trigger but if we see them at least once (regularly or via replay), we will count them as an MTU.

    If a user on the replay had already triggered events during that period, then those wouldn't count as additional MTUs. We would just see them as more events from a user that had already been counted.

    Hope this is helpful.


    Emilio Gomez

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