What is the advantage of using Google Tag Manager in Segment?


I'm looking at migrating our site to GTM using the Segment integration. The major push for this is that GTM simplifies administration by not requiring a developer have to put tracking code on the website for every event.

But, from what I understand the Segment integration would require a developer to place a TRACK call on the website for every event I want to track in GTM. Therefore, it seems moot to use this integration since it's cancelling out the benefit of simplified administration.

So my question is, why use the GTM integration in Segment at all? It seems to make more sense to either use Segment or GTM exclusively for event tracking. I don't see any benefit to using GTM integrated with Segment, or am I missing something?


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  • Hey Marty,

    Good Question. If your main goal is to provide tracking on your website without having to write code, then standalone GTM is probably all you need. Unless you have other integrations you want to implement, that GTM doesn't work with, it wouldn't be necessary for you to use Segment.

    The main benefit of using Segment is that you just need to implement your tracking calls once, and then it can send your data to 100+ integrations. After you've set up your tracking calls once, if you want to add new integrations in the future, all you have to do is turn them on with a click of a button in Segment. Additionally, Segment unifies all of your data from your different integrations into one database, so you can query your data across integrations very easily.

    If you're interested in further reading, there's a great post on Quora that outlines the use-cases for Segment vs GTM.

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  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the explanation. I'm a little more clear on the benefits of Segment vs. GTM.


  • Hi,

    I don't get it. I think Mike explained why you might choose to use Segment *instead of* GTM. But what's the use case for using Segment *with* GTM? Why is there a GTM integration in Segment at all? From my point of view they both allow you to manage multiple tracking sources from one place.


  • Yes! please can you explain what tool is better for managing tags? For example, can I create tags for Google Analytics un Segment? It is easier than creating them on Google Tag Manager?

    This issue la confusing!