Crash in Analytics.java when label="" in AndroidManifest.xml

We have an activity in our project which holds label="" (empty string) in the android manifest.
When recordScreenViews() is enabled, this causes a crash in Analytics.
While empty string is not a good practice, it's still valid and Segment should not crash.

I have removed the empty string to solve this, but please fix this for future users.

Here is the stack:

Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - either category or name must be provided.

com.segment.analytics.Analytics.screen (Analytics.java:686)

com.segment.analytics.Analytics.screen (Analytics.java:647)

com.segment.analytics.Analytics.recordScreenViews (Analytics.java:439)

com.segment.analytics.Analytics$3.onActivityStarted (Analytics.java:313)

android.app.Application.dispatchActivityStarted (Application.java:255)

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  • Hi Ido,

    Thank you very much for bringing your concern to our attention. I would like to dive deeper into this issue but since it involves aspects that are specific to your implementation the best way forward would be to work together on a support ticket. Please open a ticket for this issue and we can work towards a solution together.