Integration: Klaviyo documentation on Order Completed

Completed Order

Klaviyo supports the Order Completed event that is outlined in our specs. If you send us a Order Completed event, we will send Klaviyo a Placed Order event and a Ordered Product event for each item listed in the properties.products array. We will also attach customer_properties with the userId set as $id for each of those Klaviyo events.

I think this documentation is out of date, I think the title of the blurb should maintain syntax to Order Completed firstly, and it says that an Order Completed event will show up in Klaviyo as Placed Order, but it is showing up in Klaviyo as as Order Completed

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  • Hi  Tanner Chung !

    You are totally right - the semantics of the phrasing on this particular documentation can get a little confusing, and I will definitely reach out to our documentation team with this feedback. However, our first release (V1) of our Ecommerce spec documentation actually called the "Order Completed" event, "Completed Order". Between our first and our second (and current) release, we changed the naming convention to support a fully backwards compatible version (V2) of our Ecommerce Spec. You can still use V1, but we recommend upgrading to V2 as it includes many more spec’d ecommerce events! We tried to write the V2 documentation to reflect those changes, which is why the title of the blurb is "Completed Order", but we really appreciate your contribution to make our product better!

    As for the event showing up in Klaviyo as "Order Completed" instead of "Placed Order", Klaviyo as a destination can receive events from the client side (if you are using a browser) or from the server side (if you are on a mobile device); how you are seeing the events in Klayvio will depend on which platform and library you are using. Klaviyo will receive the "Order Completed" event as "Order Completed" if you are sending it client side since we don't do any mapping on the client side, but if you are sending events from the server side, Klaviyo will receive a "Placed Order" event instead of seeing "Order Completed".

    However, if you’d like to send "Order Completed" events as is rather than mapping the event name to "Placed Order" on the server side (client side always sends Order Completed), you can enable a setting in your Segment Klaviyo destination settings to reflect that. Klaviyo does not treat the event names differently in their backend feature wise. This option was simply introduced to bridge the existing disparity between our client and server side integration regarding how this event name is sent without forcibly breaking the current behavior.

    Hopefully, this clears things up for you, but if you have any further questions, feel free to reply to this post, or you can create a ticket, and we'd be happy to help you in further detail!

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