Track property that is a float is being stored as an integer in BigQuery Warehouse.

When an event is tracked in segment we're passing through a property as a float, which when it ends up in BigQuery through the automatically generated schema it's an integer. A sample of the event from the segment debugger is below.


Any idea how I can get this to be recorded as a float in BigQuery?


analytics.track('Challenge Completed', {
  challengeId: 'cjl64b1ax8u250782h2xthuxh',
  challengeTitle: 'Offences, Parties to Crime and Factors Influencing Crime',
  classId: 15117,
  duration: 92,
  localTimezone: 'Australia/Sydney',
  localTimezoneOffset: -600,
  pagePathUrl: '/subscriptions/8987/classes/15117/modules/3944/posts/5534',
  pageTitle: 'Offences, Parties to Crime and Factors Influencing Crime | Atomi',
  pageUrl: 'https://learn.getatomi.com/subscriptions/8987/classes/15117/modules/3944/posts/5534',
  postId: 5534,
  sessionId: 'cjlsy27ym00002a6hycqqszcs',
  subscriptionId: 8987,
  successRate: 0.375
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  • Thomas O'Donahoo thank you for writing in and great question! We determine the type of a column/property in the warehouse based on the first value we received. In this case, what probably has happened is that the first value you sent us was an integer and based on the warehouse schema we will only send integers to that column in the warehouse.

    That said, in case you believe the issue is related to something else, can you please create an internal ticket ? That way we will be able to share account and implementation-specific information.

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  • Monica Damborenea Is there a way to reverse this and have future values recorded as floats in Google Bigquery?  

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