Only server side calls tracking with GA destination



I am tracking JavaScript client side analytics.page() and analytics.track() calls with the GTM destination to send data to GA. This is fine and working.


I want two track two GA events from server side via the GA destination.

I don't want my JavaScript client side analytics.page() and analytics.track() call to track via the GA destination.

When testing previously - this did not happen. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


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  • I have turned these settings off - this should resolve?

    So that .page() call are no longer tracked via the GA destination.

  • The main question is - how can I keep the GA destination on without tracking analytics.page() calls?

  • If i'm able to set receive data from browser to false - should this resolve?

  • Hi Mahfuz,


    Thanks for your question! If your Tracking ID isn't in the `Website Tracking ID` setting field, you shouldn't be getting calls from your site into Google Analytics. That said, if you're still running into issues you can use the integrations object to specify which calls should/should not be routed to Google Analytics or any of your destinations.


    I hope that helps!


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