Advertising integrations overview

Ad networks, exchanges, agencies, etc. use "ad pixels" to track visitors seeing ads on your site, LANDING on the site, and CONVERTING on your site.

Pixels allow you to follow up with people who have visited the website in general, or any specific page on the site. The key is that pixels allow you to make TARGETED offers to individuals based off of pages they’ve visited.

This article, will give you a stack of advertising tools used for:

  •    User Acquisition - Target users through social media advertising.
  •    Retargeting - Tag new visitors for retargeting campaigns later.
  •    Tracking Ad spend - Measure conversion rates of your ad campaigns, which lets you calculate the ROI of ad spend, per campaign. 

User Acquisition

For any consumer company using Segment, they have the ability to track conversion through Facebook AdsTwitter Ads, and Adwords. You can create custom audiences and break down users to get a better idea of the demographics, behaviors and interests you should be targeting.


Retargeting works best with content marketing, AdWords, and targeted display that are great for driving traffic, however don’t help with conversion optimization. Conversely, by using tools such as Adroll & Perfect Audience, you can drive traffic by displaying ads to people who visited but not purchased or "converted" to increase conversions.   

Tracking Ad Spend

Usually companies at this stage tend to take control of their digital advertising and need a multichannel advertising automation software. 

Nanigans provides ad automation for in-house marketing teams with a BI platform to analyze/Visualize your ad spend. When it comes to analyzing the value of an ad and whether it delivers ROI, being able to track the customer journey between devices is very valuable. And with Nanigans you can see if a user clicked through an ad and on mobile and then made a desktop purchase.

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