Tracking server side events with facebook pixel integration

How can I track server side events with facebook pixel integration?

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  • Hey Claudio,

    Most pixel related ad tools rely on cookies of browsers and thus cannot be implemented server side.

    If FB pixel releases an API, we can potentially figure out how to support it. However, most of the ad tools such as adwords, twitter ads, bing ads, etc. and pixel based tools are usually only supported on client side.

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  • Thanks! 

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  • hi there! slightly related question: will mapping segment events in the fb pixel destination pass event data to fb if the majority of our segment events are serverside (in source node.js)? thanks!

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  • Hi alvin - Thanks for the question! Segment will only send events we receive client side to the Facebook Pixel Destination. Event sent server-side will not be sent. 

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  • Emily I think this could be more clear in the documentation. We just spent a couple days trying to troubleshoot why Segment was sending events to all destinations correctly except Facebook.


    We're using the Ruby SDK and the documentation doesn't indicate anywhere that Facebook Pixel (and potentially other destinations?) requires client-side tracking. We'd been using a JavaScript Source for everything (my mistake, in hindsight) because it appeared to work even when sending events from Ruby.


    It wasn't until I tried connecting a Ruby source with a Facebook Pixel destination that the problem became obvious — they're listed as incompatible. I had assumed Segment would somehow magically correlate/submit server-side events to Facebook, but now I know that's not the case :)

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  • Hi Kyle Fox - Thank you for the feedback, we are currently reviewing our documentation templates and I'll share this with the team working on our documentation. 

    In the future, you may find our Connection Mode diagrams helpful! At the bottom of this post you will find the Connection Mode chart for Facebook Pixel. 

    The diagram describes which libraries are compatible with each destination, and how we send the data to your end tools. Device Mode indicates that we load the destination library alongside our SDK and send the events directly from a Customers device. Cloud Mode indicates that we send the data directly from our servers. 

    If we did add support for events from the Ruby library to be compatible with Facebook Pixel, you will see a check box in the Server category. Here's an blog post that describes our connection modes in greater detail, https://segment.com/blog/connection-modes/ .

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  • Are server-side events w/ FB still unsupported? If so, does this mean the Event Tester won't work?

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  • Based on https://segment.com/docs/destinations/facebook-pixel/#settings , it looks like Server mode is supported for cloud-based. Does this mean we can use the tester? If so, what is the "secretKey" that's required?

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  • Albert Lin i have the same issue as you

    i think fb pixel can use the secret key to send event from server to server

    however, i cannot find the secret key and there is no any docs about that.

    i have tried to use my App Secret Key which is my ad account of the business management platform

    but i still get 401 Unauthorized like the attachment, i am not sure is it related to the FB Marketing API?


    Emily is it possible to provide the tutorial about finding out the secret key or setting up the authentication for using the server-side events on facebook-pixel?

    Thanks for the help!

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  • How is this left unanswered? Facebook pixel is one of the main marketing/ad tools...

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  • Any updates here? Where can we get this secret key?

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  • Look into creating a facebook offline event set, then using Segment to sent to facebook offline events. I'm still tracking down how to do that, however, pixel events are web-based, offline events are designed for 'offline events'.

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