Integration: Klaviyo behavior

  • There isn't specific documentation for Klaviyo integrations so I spoke to Klaviyo support about the expected behaviors.

Klaviyo support claimed

  1. Anoymous visitors who submit their email on site will be recorded in Klaviyo, but without an Anonymous Id
  2. Segment events sent to Klaviyo with an Id created with identify() call will store the event and the Id as an "External Id" in Klaviyo
  3. As long as there is an email in Segment events, it will be recorded with an email based profile in Klaviyo
  4. With Klaviyo as a Source, events sent to Segment will contain an External Id so that it can be associated with the correct profile downstream
  5. Profiles without an External Id will use an email? as an Id instead, thereby causing a wrong paradigm in identifying users and orphaned profiles that will only contain email events
  6. Events generated by Segment without an External Id will never be able to be associated with a profile, only events generated for profiles that do have an External Id will be associated with a profile

This means that the initial customer's email journey will never be part of profile history. For Example

  • Anonymous visitor onsite will browse
  • Anonymous visitor will submit email
  • Email will be ingested to Klaviyo
  • Visitor on site will remain anonymous while browsing longer
  • Email will be sent from Klaviyo to this visitor
  • Email Delivered event is sent to Segment without the same anonymous id so it is orphaned (in Segment)
  • Visitor opens the email
  • Email Opened event is sent to Segment without the same anonymous id so it is orphaned (in Segment)
  • Visitor clicks on a link in the email
  • Email Link Clicked event is sent to Segment without the same anonymous id so it is orphaned (in Segment)
  • Visitor is tracked with anonymous id on the site because of cookies

None of the email events are part of the profile so I can never see the email as a source of purchase or part of the journey until the visitor creates an account. Once the visitor creates an account and the id is set, email events will be tracked going forward, but I'll lose visibility an all email events that would have been considered Anonymous because there is no cookie mechanism or shared anonymous id with Klaviyo


Can support from Segment please clarify this?

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  • Hi  Tanner Chung !

    We have actually been working with Klaviyo on user association in order to ensure that both anonymous and identified users can be tracked on website/mobile events and email events. The next best step would probably be to create a ticket so we can share more in-depth detail about how we are working on fixing this. 

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  • Thanks! I send over an email.

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