How to apply Appcues via segment to anonymous users?


How can an Appcues popup be targeted to anonymous users on landing pages, when Appcues is installed via Segment?
Currently, Segment is installed in our landing page.
It seems analytics.track() needs to be called in order to show the flow popup.
But according to the Appcues document (https://docs.appcues.com/article/21-appcues-anonymous), it seems like it is required to call Appcues.anonymous() .

What might be the solution to realize this feature?

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  • Hi Tafu Nakazaki - thanks for reaching out! Great question - at present our Appcues Destination supports known users via the 'identify' call (code link). If you'd like to call `Appcues.anonymous()` for anonymous activity, you could potentially use the 'ready' method to pass in the callback for Appcues (further details here). Hope this info helps!

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