How to set currency on Ecommerce Events

Looks like in GA ehanced ecommerce you set the currency via 

ga('set', '&cu', 'EUR');    

It doesn't look like with segment there is a way to do this only on the completed order event. The currency needs to be set for the Added to Cart event as well. Do I just call GA directly?

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  • Hey Charlie, and thanks for writing in. 

    If desired, you can set the default Google Analytics currency by invoking this native method, as long as it's wrapped in Segment's `ready` function, for example:

    analytics.ready( function() {
      ga('set', '&cu', 'EUR');

    `ready` ensures that Google Analytics is fully loaded to the page so you can set currency on their tracker object, as seen here, rather than manually passing it in events.

    Hope this helps!

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