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I have enabled "Application Lifecycle Tracking"  to track events like "Application Opened". When user opens the app for the first time or opens after closing it, the event is fired. But it is not fired when user puts the app in background and subsequently brings back to active  to use it. Is there anything I'm missing here? I have the same issue in both Android and iOS.

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  • Hi Sujeevan,

    Thanks for writing in here and great question!

    I think there are a few edge cases we still need to work out around  this and we are currently working  this into our lifecycle phases.

    We will likely trigger the Application Opened event in  applicationWillEnterForeground or applicationDidBecomeActive. We initially didn't consider this edge case as we hadn't thought of the application coming back from being backgrounded as an Application Opened event.

    For instance, if your app has the Uber button, a user clicks on it, your app is backgrounded, orders the Uber, and Uber takes you back to your app, that isn't necessarily a new Application Opened event. We initially believed this is part of the same session/user interaction flow.

    That being said, Segment isn't intended to be opinionated here, so we are definitely adding this functionality soon. 

    Let me know if you have any feedback or questions here!


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  • Thank you Ladan. That is helpful. So for now, I'm thinking to manually trigger the event. And I'm looking forward to see automatic triggering of all other lifecycle events. 

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  • Hi Sujeevan,

    Sounds good. I will update you here once we have this fix live!

    Take care,


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