TypeError: u.stringify is not a function analytics.min.js:5:39584

Since today we started getting this error.

 TypeError: u.stringify is not a function

Is it the new version that was released?

We had to remove it completely for now, as it breaks our remaining JavaScript.

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  • we are having the same problem .. started happening about the same time as the original poster .. all other javascript is broken ... site is unusable .. help!!

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  • Hi Paul and Georgij,

    Thanks for writing in and bringing this to our attention. We are looking into this right now and will update you shortly. 

    Do you by chance have a link to the website where this is occurring? Or have you already removed the snippet from your site?

    You can also write into friends@segment.com and I will be able to help you one on one with this issue. I will continue to update you both here as well.

    Talk to you soon,


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  • Hi Paul and Georgij,

    We were unable to reproduce this locally. Do you have public URLs we can look into? Or steps to reproduce?

    Let me know!


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  • Hi again,

    Quick update. We have identified this issue is on our end and rolled back around 10:39 am while we look into this further. 

    Will let you know as soon as I have more,


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  • Last and final update here:

    We have identified the issue you reported as a bug related to require.js and implemented a resolution immediately. We appreciate your understanding and patience in writing in for assistance, and wanted to share more details about this issue with you. 

    This morning, after extensive internal testing, Segment began to roll out an update to analytics.js. During the rollout however, we noticed an issue affecting only pages with require.js. We rolled back the in-progress deployment and restored all customers to their previous version of analytics.js.

    Because of the way one of analytics.js’s dependencies functions, customers who used require.js to load other modules with Segment experienced an error, breaking JavaScript functionality on the affected pages. Segment’s testing didn’t catch this because we did not test sufficiently with require.js pre-deployment. Segment works hard to test with the fullest spectrum of tools and frameworks our customers could possibly be using with their Segment implementation. However, this spectrum grows daily and as such the complete universe of tools isn’t always known. On occasion, the need for specific additional tests is surfaced by an incident like today’s.

    In addition to fixing the immediate issue and testing more thoroughly with require.js, we’re also working to prevent exceptions in analytics.js from impacting client pages. We’re taking this issue very seriously and are working to prevent it from recurring. We appreciate your understanding and patience and hope you let us know if you have any additional questions we can help with. 

    Don't hesitate to write into friends@segment should you have any further comments/concerns here. We are always here and happy to help.

    Take care,


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  • Hey Ladan,

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Yes, it works now :) we inserted the snipped back.

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  • Hi Georgij,

    Sounds great!

    Glad everything is working as expected. I apologize again for that error on our end. 

    Please let us know if anything else comes up!


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