Webhook still sending after disabling it

I recently set up a webhook as a destination for some testing, which worked great. I also wanted to test that disabling the destination caused webhooks to stop being sent. However, even after disabling the webhook destination, I still continue to receive webhooks. As a last resort, I even tried to change the webhook URL to something different, but webhooks kept going to the original URL I put in.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this.


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  • Hi Josh Dzielak - thanks for reaching out! One possible reason the URL change did nothing may be that the JS library is using canonical link by default (manually setting the appropriate page call property should resolve that issue if present).
    If webhook issues continue to persist for you, we'll have to dig into this for a more definitive diagnosis; if that is the case I would recommend to open a tech support ticket via our contact form here: https://segment.com/contact

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  • Yup, I'm seeing the same exact issue. I've even made a screen recording of my webhooks destination being disabled, yet new event delivery entries keep getting added to the graph! Opening a ticket...

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