Ecommerce Events Spec for offline transactions


We're trying to choose whether to use the Ecommerce Events Spec or own schema. Reason being, we're not a typical ecommerce website.

We have some similarities - Product Views, Product Clicks, Checkout Flows. But the transaction happens offline. For example...

1. View product (online)
2. Request investment - checkout step (online)
3. Choose investment amount - checkout step (online)
4. Enter name and address - checkout step (online)
5. Send request - checkout complete (online)
6. Contract sent (offline)
7. Contract signed (offline)
8. Transaction complete (offline)

We can send the offline events from the server, but would you recommend we use the ecommerce spec for this use case? Or would you suggest a custom event spec?

We are using Google Analytics, but we're also using a data warehouse.

Would be great to get some insights for this use case. 


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