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Segment is based on the little secret that all the third-party tools you’ll want to use for analytics, marketing, testing, and more, run on the same exact customer data.

  • Identify â€“ Who are your users?
  • Track â€“ What are they doing?
  • Page â€“ Where are they in your app?

It’s pretty ridiculous just how many tools can accept data in this schema. The benefit to you is that once you integrate Segment, you can turn on any of these tools by dropping in your credentials and flipping a switch. We understand what the data means, so we can translate it to each of our integrations’ APIs and send it off for you programatically.

Here is a break down of the types of tools you can install through Segment. To browse tools by category, go to your control panel and click “Filter by: All Categories”.

Integration Categories

A/B Testing

These tools help you run experiments – tweak the copy on your homepage, change the placement of a button in your mobile app, and more. Then, they help you analyze which version converts best!

Examples: Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, Leanplum, Taplytics.


Often called “ad pixels”, advertising tools help you measure your campaign conversion rates, or help you tag visitors for retargeting campaigns later.

Examples: AdRoll, BlueShift, Twitter Ads, Google AdWords


Analytics tools give you insight into your customers and their behavior. We support dozens of different analytics tools that focus on different industry verticals (ecommerce, SaaS), company maturities (tiny startup, enterprise), and parts of the customer lifecycle (SEO, retention).

Examples: Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Heap, Mixpanel


As companies get bigger, they start to run more and more marketing campaigns, often executed by external agencies. It quickly becomes difficult to track what’s going on, which campaigns are ROI-positive, and where the spend is going. Attribution tools let you analyze conversion rates across all campaigns in one place.

Examples: Mobile App Tracking, Convertro


Customer Relationship Management tools make your sales team more efficient and help you project future incomes. These platforms help you manage the entire sales process from lead, to qualified opportunity, to negotiation, to closed won.

Examples: Salesforce, Hubspot

Customer Success

If you have very high-value customers, then you can invest lots of time in making sure they’re happy, navigating their internal politics, training them, and more. Customer success tools help you identify customers in danger of churning and focus your effort on them to make the most impact.

Examples: Gainsight, Frontleaf, Totango, Preact


Sending targeted emails is a powerful way to engage customers and push them along your conversion funnel. This strategy is particularly powerful when the emails are personalized and targeted based on the customer’s behavior.

Examples: Customer.io, Vero, Marketo, MailChimp, Outbound

Error and Performance Monitoring

Even with good QA, bugs get out to production, and apps are sometimes too slow. Error and performance monitoring tools help engineering teams see what’s broken and slow in production.

Examples: Crittercism, Bugsnag, Pingdom, Track.js

Heatmaps and Recordings

Line graphs and tables are great for quantitative analysis, but it’s often difficult to pinpoint why something is happening. Click heatmaps and user screen recordings help product and design teams get inside the customers’ heads to figure out what the numbers mean.

Examples: Inspectlet, CrazyEgg, Full Story, Navilytics


Customers send emails with questions, concerns, bug reports, you name it. One way to help support teams operate efficiently is to give them as much context about a customer as possible. Sending data from Segment to helpdesks helps!

Examples: Intercom, Zendesk, HelpScout, UserVoice


Talking to customers while they’re on your website helps you answer support questions faster and gather important product feedback! Using a live chat tool with Segment, you’ll get contextual data from Segment about who the customer is and what they’re doing to help the conversation.

Examples: Olark, LiveChat, SnapEngage, UserLike


One of the holy grails of data science is to automatically change the content on a website or app in real-time, according to the user’s behavior. Optimization through personalization has a huge payoff.

Examples: Optimizely, HelloBar, Spinnakr, Monetate

Push Notifications

Like emails, push notifications are an extremely powerful way to re-engage customers on mobile apps. Push notifications are very personal, so targeting them very precisely using customer behavioral data (from Segment) is crucial.

Examples: Kahuna, Outbound, Flurry, Localytics

Raw Data

Sometimes companies want to get down and dirty with the raw data. Maybe they’re building a recommendation engine internally, or need to display usage statistics inside their product. These tools can help.

Examples: Webhooks, Keen.io, Iron.io

Real-time Dashboards

Real-time dashboards let's you see the traffic on your site as it’s happening. They are particularly fun to watch during launches, and announcements. And, they are important for news websites, where editors use real-time traffic to optimize article titles and placement.

Examples: GoSquared, Chartbeat, Countly, Clicky


Getting customers to refer their friends is one of the fastest ways to build a big business. Just think about DropBox! Referral tools provide widgets in your website or mobile app to start driving referrals.

Examples: Referral SaaSquatch, Extole, CureBit


Also called Business Intelligence tools, SQL integrations connect to your Redshift cluster. They let you ask ridiculously detailed questions and create custom visualizations from your data. These are advanced tools for data scientists and analysts.

Examples: Mode, Looker, Chartio, Periscope


Metrics and numerical analysis aside, sometimes you just need to ask customers a simple question. “How did you hear about us?” These tools pop up in your mobile app or website to ask customers questions.

Examples: Qualaroo, UserVoice, LuckyOrange, GetSatisfaction

Check out our integrations page for the full list!

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