Slack notification for only identified users

The Segment integration into slack is great, but it's kinda useless for it to send notifications for anonymous users.  This means that everyone from Google's crawler to real users are all ending up in the same heap.   

Is there any way of filtering it so only identified users will trigger Slack notices?  Even a filter of "@" would solve the problem.

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  • Hey Andrew,  

    Thanks for the note.  You could specify which integrations to send a specific events to based on whether or not the user is logged in.  Perhaps something like the below...  

    if user.logged_in?
      analytics.track('Did Something')
      analytics.track('Did Something', {}, {integrations: {Slack: false}})

    You can also specify that certain events don't ever get sent to Slack (or some other integration) using the "Schema" in Segment seen here.  


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  • Hi Brantley,  

    I can definitely see that as an option,  but in a lot of cases this is for already deployed code.  In this case it's for the web app,  iPhone app,  Android app and then with client side JS thrown in for good measure.  

    It would be nice if there was a simple "Don't send anonymous events" as a toggle.

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