salesforce integration

We're doing an integration with Salesforce using non standard objects (custom objects) and want to know how to do a segment integration. When looking at the integration, only identity was enabled. Is it possible to send event / track information as well? Is there documentation covering this?

Please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Hey Matt, and thanks for writing in! Currently, Segment's Salesforce integration only support the `leads` API endpoint, allowing you to create `leads` using our `identify` and `group`  methods. You can read more about what functionality we support in our documentation.

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  • Hi Brennan, so if I wanted to extract event information as well as identity and group information from segment, do you have a suggestion? right now I am thinking of using https://segment.com/docs/integrations/webhooks/ but let me know if that makes sense or if there is a better option

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  • Hey Matt - Webhooks would certainly make sense if you want to send raw Segment data to an API endpoint of your choice. If you provide more details on what you'd like to do with this data, I can reply with a more robust suggestion.

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  • Hi Brennan, 

    For a bit of context, we are selling a wearable and all the purchase info is stored/tracked in salesforce. We have an accompanying  ios app which uses segment for analytics. 

    Now  with segment, we are trying to get a more comprehensive picture of our users actions in salesforce, such that a customer service rep can more easily see that the customer not only purchased x, but then with the app,  went to page 1, then clicked on button 1, ...

    Please let me know if that makes sense. I'd be glad to get a little more specific.

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  • Hey Matt, it actually possible to send ecommerce and funnel data to SFDC if you were to set up a warehouse connected to Segment, then write some logic to forward that information to Salesforce. But if you're already piping purchase info into SFDC, I imagine it's via some sort of custom connector, which you could expand on to pull in the other fields you need. If you have more questions on Segment warehouses and sending this raw data to SFDC, I'd suggest opening a ticket with friends@segment.com so we can provide more robust, personalized suggestions. :)

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