Segment query failing in Appsflyer

Hey all, 

We're migrating from sending data to Appsflyer directly to sending it through Segment instead. We're getting events failing with 'page and screen calls are not supported' for this payload. Segment doesn't attempt to send these events to Appsflyer. However the screen property is automatically set by Segment, how do we fix this?


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  • Hi Fede 👋

    Thank you for writing in! Laura here, I'd like to close the loop and add what we've been discussing in our internal thread for everyone else's reference :)

    The first thing to keep in mind is that our Appsflyer destination requires a device-mode connection to work properly with Segment (linking our Appsflyer docs for convenience: https://segment.com/docs/destinations/appsflyer/). In order to do this, you will need to follow the instructions in the Github repos for iOS SDK and Android SDK to bundle the Appsflyer - Segment SDK in your App. Once the SDK is bundled, the events generated in the app will flow directly from devices to Appsflyer servers, so you won't see them in the Event Delivery dashboard (this monitor only shows server-side / cloud-mode events!).

    Having said that, you'll see "Unsupported Event Type" errors in the Event Delivery dashboard whenever you try to send an event to a destination which doesn't support it -- You can check which event types a specific destination supports in their docs. When a call is not supported, Segment doesn't attempt to forward them to the destination at all (checking the "Request" section of the error description, you'll see that we are not sending these events!), but still, we prefer to throw a warning/error to let the user know about this limitation. Given this, you could ignore these errors, but if you don't wish to see them at all in your Event Delivery dashboard, you'll want to check our Selecting Destinations feature available in all our libraries and filter out the impacted destination in the calls it doesn't support.

    Hope this clarifies it!


    Laura Muñoz

    Success Engineer | Segment

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