Linking web visitors with inbound phone calls

We use a service called 'WhatConverts' (https://www.whatconverts.com). They show different numbers to different users to link their web visits to the call. In theory, this works out perfectly, but they don't have a permanent tracking on the client side. Also, don't allow custom parameters to be sent with the call tracking (besides utms). How we have set up our tracking is based on the user's email address and that information is not captured in the phone call.


Is it possible to link the customers via their IP address? 


I have the IP address on segment.com and I have the IP address from what converts.

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  • Hey Kyle!

    Would you mind answering a couple of clarifying questions for me? 

    1. How are the events from WhatConverts reaching Segment? If I'm understanding correctly, you're looking to send track events, but can you elaborate a little bit more on how those calls are being sent?
    2. Are the events being sent to us from the client side or from the server side? I'd also love some clarity on how we are receiving the events.

    Thanks for the great question!

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  • I reached out to WhatConverts because they don't have an integration with segment. They told me they would look into it.

    1. I was planning to use an aws lambda function (server side) to send the data to segment from their webhook after a call is completed. Right now no information is sent to segment. However, my issue is that our user identification is the email of the user. They do not capture the email, just the phone number. 

    2. Any time someone calls from a number instead of clicking a tel: link to call we attribute that lead using WhatConverts. It would have to be done server side because they only send webhook data to us once the call is complete. 

    Once they call in our CRM makes a new contact. I am trying to link their actions and meta on the website to the inbound call. That is why I am interested in linking the IP address.

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  • Hey Kyle Pierce ,

    It looks like this is a pretty complex question with several specific details, so would you mind creating a ticket for it and someone will be happy to help you out? Here is the link: https://segment.com/help/contact/. It will allow us to provide support for you on a more detailed level and give you the best possible experience!

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