Can we link tracks to identifies?



Looking at When and how often to call identify there is a statement "We do this so that all your subsequent page or track calls will have the user data appended and properly attributed."


What does that actually mean at the level of segment_db? Can we join tracks and identifies by some id, so we get all tracks that "belong" to a specific identify call?

The reason I'm asking this, is that we put in the identify context dictionary (after login in our app) the app/os versions for example. So then how can we select only the tracks/events that come from a specific app (or os) version? 


  • in subsequent tracks (after our identify - only place where we record app/os versions) we see in the raw track event only the userId?
  • we send in the event properties only info related to that specific event; we don't put again the app/os versions with each track call


Thanks for any help,

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  • Hi Nicholas,

    Appended User Data:


    The event payload for every Segment event (page, track, etc.) from a client-side library will include the Anonymous ID and the User ID. (The User ID will be null if you have not identified the visitor yet). The event payload will also include all the context data that we automatically collect in addition to any context data you provide. 


    Events from a server-side library, it will include the user data you provide, e.g. User ID or Anonymous ID or both. All event payload data will only include the context data you provide. None will be collected automatically. 


    Querying: (https://segment.com/docs/destinations/#warehouse-schemas)

    All users you have identified will have their most up to date information available in the users table. Every event has its own table but there is also a tracks table with each event. So I would recommend join your users table with the tracks table to find all events with the app/os versions context data you have included in the identify calls. 


    NOTE: There is no column for Anonymous ID in the Users table. If that is a field you want to track by then you will want to use the Identifies table instead of the Users table. 


    Also, here is a very handy resource for Useful SQL queries for analyzing Segment data


    I would also like to take a moment to let you know if you ever have any issue that is pressing or if you would like any help with something is specific to your implementation then the I strongly recommend opening a ticket rather than posting in our community board. 馃檪

  • James Reynolds thank you. Now opened the ticket for further details.

  • Razvan Gai, excellent!