Basic web analytics tools


This article lists some of the analytics tools we commonly recommend to people looking for an easy analytics tool to get started with. These tools offer awesome reports with minimal technical setup.


Google Analytics is very good for seeing your conversions and tracing them back to the traffic source. It can track pageviews and a bunch of data about your visitors automatically. Reports generally show aggregates, like: total visitors from Montana, or average time spent on site [across all visitors].


Clicky  is another general-purpose analytics tool that gives you access to lots of the same features as Google Analytics. It also comes with a real-time dashboard, easy to implement with no custom code needed. The interface lets you keep an eye on what pages across the web are referring traffic to your site for a selected period.


GoSquared offers a beautiful out-of-the-box realtime dashboard and trend reports to review your traffic over the past day, week, month, or year. All without any custom code.

If you're tracking events, people or e-commerce data in Segment they also offer awesome people analytics, custom events and e-commerce tracking.  


Gauges  is a tool used to focus on website traffic metrics - as to how many visitors come to your site, where they come from, and where they go. With their AirTraffic feature that shows you live traffic to all of your sites on one single full-screen map -you can automatically track as new visitors arrive.

If you are looking into more advanced analytic tools, you can read more on our article on Customer advanced analytics tools

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