Best Practices: Measuring pop up behavior

Anyone have some good advice on tracking pop up behavior? For example, what properties to record, which events to track, and what the name of each event would be?

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  • Hi Tanner, Thanks for reaching out!
    We do not currently have a Spec best practices for pop up tracking. We are always looking into ways to improve our documentation so if you or any other community member can share some information on how to best track pop up behavior, we are very happy to review it and possibly include it in our docs.

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  • This is what I came up with

      event: 'Promo Unlocked',
        title: 'First time visitor',
      type: 'incentivized form',
      incentive: '15%',
      format: 'popup',
      location: 'bottom-right',
      variant: 'corner',

    The events are Promo Viewed, Promo Unlocked, Promo Closed. I'm sure there are more type of interactions, but those were the ones worth measuring for an experiment for the time being.

    I'm basing the model on loosely on how JustUno does it https://support.justuno.com/hc/en-us/articles/220963167?input_string=need%20help%20with%20segment%20events

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  • Hi Tanner. Thanks for the update - your feedback on this is appreciated as it may help me, as well as other Community members, troubleshoot any future similar issues. Cheers Yannick

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