Custom link based button inside engage email

  • 20 May 2024
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Can we use a custom link as a ‘trait’ and then hyperlink it on a button in engage emails? I could not find a way to add a hyperlink to a button which is stored in a user trait. 

My use case - I want to send a personalised mail to my users which will be able to take them to their respective account pages (hence the custom link). 


Best answer by Tiffany Darwish 22 May 2024, 17:18

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Hi @Saurabh Kanchan !

You can create personalized links using any trait stored on the users profile, using Liquid templating language.

We do this on our team at Segment - we direct customers to their workspace using a trait that identifies their workspace ID and build out the link like this:{{workspace_name}}