Mapping Offline Click Conversions events from Segment Track to Conversion Action in Google Ads

  • 20 June 2024
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We're having trouble mapping Offline Click Conversion events from our Segment Track calls to the appropriate Conversion Action in Google Ads.

In the Segment destination, the mapping appears to be correct and the dashboard says we have hundreds of successful deliveries to Google Ads of our 2 track events. Test events also appear to get successful 200 responses.

In the data payload, we're mapped to the correct Conversion Action ID and we're sending that, the Conversion timestamp and the email address of the user.

In Google Ads Conversion Settings, we have the following:
- Enhanced conversions for leads -> Managed through Google Tag Manager
- Enhanced conversions -> Managed through Google Ads API. Recording Enhanced Conversions.

For our Conversion Actions in Google Ads, we have the following:
- Enhanced Conversion -> Managed through API. Enhanced conversions are being recorded.

Google Ads are still showing each of our conversion actives as "Inactive" and showing 0s across the board.

What do I need to change in our configuration to get those conversions recording in Google Ads from our server side events?


Best answer by Julie S 21 June 2024, 00:14

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For enhanced conversions, you need to send the GCLID or GBRAID or WBRAID, but only one.  I recommend only sending the GCLID.  If you dont have it with the conversion event, then use a computed trait to store the last value from one of your events that would be able to capture the value, then an insert function to add the trait to the payload.


For enhanced conversion leads, those need email or phone.  Same as above, use insert function or depending on the lead, you may be able to create an audience and use Trait enrichment to add the values.