Upgrading Intercom destination from Classic to Intercom Cloud Mode (Actions)

  • 21 June 2024
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We are planning to upgrade our Intercom Destination, so we just want to know what things we should consider while upgrading Destination?

Do we need to create new Destination, add every thing like filters, transformations, mappings. or  we just can upgrade existing Destination with few steps.


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2 replies

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Hi @Sagar Viradiya

It is a manual process to do the migration, given the classic vs actions destinations operate somewhat differently we don’t have a toggle of sorts set up to “turn on” an actions destination in a classic destination’s place. Here is a guide from our documentation on steps to migrate from Classic to Actions destinations in a general sense, including how to migrate destination filters and the like. Transformations would be managed in Protocols where applicable. 

For Intercom more specifically, some considerations to take into account would be if you want it connected as a Web destinationCloud Mode destination, or both. I’ve hyperlinked the relevant documentation for each to help guide you through the process. 

We are going to follow steps as provided by you, we will first follow steps in Staging.

  1. Create new Destination
  2. Enable new Destination and old destination together for checking correct sync for Company and user.
  3. Disable old Destination once it is tested

We are thinking to follow same steps in Production. So, do we need down time in Production while switching Destination? Like what happens when both destinations are enabled and users/company get synced, do they create duplicate records in Intercom?